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Technical Articles

Active Filter Design

Explains how to design Butterworth, Bessel and Chebyshev active filters. Filter Pole tables are included


Nodal Analysis of Op Amps

Explains how to derive the transfer function of op amp circuits to determine how they will behave


Advanced Op Amp Theory

A detailed look at Op Amp Behaviour at ac including Open Loop Gain, Closed Loop Gain, Loop Gain, Phase Margin and Gain Margin


QPSK Modulation Demystified

Explains how to use high school mathematics to work out how modern communication systems work


Op Amp Noise Analysis

Explains how to calculate the output noise of an op amp circuit and verifies the results in LTspice®


The Wien Bridge Oscillator

The mathematics behind how they work


Digital Control of a Power Supply

How to add digital control to any power supply



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